Match review on Feb.4.2020 in Korakuen Hall(Night1)

I won’t tell you who won or lost. The match is worth watching or not.

4th MACTH:Manabu Nakashi’s retirement coundown would be like a celebration.(not FIGHT!)

(Quotation:NJPW WORLD)

This match might be a good for the ending,but I’m sorry that the match vs Minoru Suzuki & DOUKI is quite usual. We still remember the legendary match Suzuki vs Jyushin Thunder Liger, So He will fight as it is as well. But that’s not exciting macth. Thank you for Nakanishi’s hard work until now.

Recommendation: usual.

5th MACTH:Shingo Takagi Energetic !

(Quotation:NJPW WORLD)

This is the first match after Shingo won the NEVER Openweight Championships. Shingo is finding the next challenger energetically. So, the fight was exciting than usual for anybody who would be a candidate.

I think Championship match will be held in Dontaku series early in May. (Otherwise, maybe in the G1 SUPERCARD in April !) But anyway, I take great pleasure in wacthing the match whoever the challenger is !

Recommendation: It’s worth watching !

6th MACTH:Is it interesting in their tactics … ?

(Quotation:NJPW WORLD)

In the first sight, I thought t’s interesting in Tetsuya Naito and KENTA’s tactics, but It’s enough of tactics only. I hope usual fight. The frustration of the spectators had increased, but the expectations of the IWGP Championships in Feb 9 (so called 2.9 in Japan) has diminished slightly.

It’s harder to guess the SANADA vs Jay White macth will be, so I’m looking forward to that personally.

Recommendation: usual

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