Match review on Feb.6.2020 in Korakuen Hall(Night3)

I won’t tell you who won or lost. The match is worth watching or not. is fee-charging site.
Today is the final match before the Big Match in Osakajo Hall on Feb.9.2020. Every match is more exciting than I thought. Especially, the latter half of the match was impressive.

3rd MATCH: Finally showed off the great moves !

(Quotation:NJPW WORLD)
Manabu Nakanishi’s Retirement Road has come to the final stage. Whether Toa Henare can take the power fighter status over from Manamu Nakanishi or not. I think he has that capability. but, in the near future, not now.
Recommendation: usual. but If you are the fun of the third generation, you should  watch this match at any cost!

4th MATCH: The story goes on !

(Quotation:NJPW WORLD)
It’s the third round of preliminary skirmish, Zack Sabre Jr. VS Will Ospreay, and Roppongi 3K VS El Desperado  & Yoshinobu Kanamaru. Both battles had a terrible competition. They were trying to damage both before Championships.
Recommendation: If you are quite interested in IWGP Junior Tag Championship, you should watch this match before.

5th MATCH: Ryusuke Taguchi’s World ! (LOL)

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In this match, Ryusuke Taguchi was the starring role !  His new move called “Machaaki” was showed against Taichi for the first time. Machaaki is the Japanese famous comedian’s name.  You can see his flashing technique on Youtube or somewhere.  This is funny match, but That’s all.
Recommendation: It’s worth watching this match for whom cares what “Machaaki” is, And you like funny match.

6th MATCH: Ordinary preliminary skirmish

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This match is Los ingo VS Bullet Club. The eliminate match was nice little spectacular, So this match is boring.
Recommendation: usual. 

7th MATCH: This is AWESOME !!! Then, after the match…?

(Quotation:NJPW WORLD)
No need to explain this match. It’s hard clash of sturdy guys ! After the match, something happened. LOL
Recommendation: If you didn’t watch this match, never watch the next match.
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